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Here is a list of places you can find me. I'm everywhere.... well not really but if you read that in an ominous voice it sounds kinda cool.

Facebook - click on over and follow me, I really like new followers!
Instagram - I'm trying really really hard to remember to post here.
Pinterest - I pin. A lot. Like a whole lot. 
Flickr - I'm super new to this one

YouTube - This is still a work in progress, I promise it will get better as I figure out advanced editing, voice over, intro and such. Please stay tuned!

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  1. I am one of your followers on your YouTube Channel. It has been over four months since you've posted something and quite frankly, I was worried about you! Wanted to make sure you are alright (sorry if that seems weird to you, but when you follow someone, you almost feel like you know them and so, I worried). Glad to see you are alright.


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