Friday 6 November 2015

Winter and Holiday Card Series 2015 - Card 6

It didn't really occur to me, until I was speaking with my Mother-in-law, to include a more religiously toned card in the series. I'm glad that she requested it, because the card turned out to be beautiful.

I wanted to keep this card simple and allow it to speak for itself.

Originally I had used a matte black instead of the shimmery background and while it looked good, my sister pointed out that black wasn't really a "Christmas" colour. Then I moved to a shimmery blue background and that didn't speak to me at all. I liked the black, but I loved the elegance of the shimmer. I think the card came together with the best of both options.

Gold embossed baby Jesus silhouette and greeting on shimmering black background with a gold sparkle boarder on the top and bottom.

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