Tuesday 1 December 2015

Winter and Holiday Card Series 2015 - Card 18

It's been incredibly difficult for me to come up with something to say about this card. Which is strange because this is currently my favourite card in the series thus far. I may have said that about a previous card, but that would have been before I made this card.

Honestly, the design on this card took a couple days. I knew what I wanted and I was able to see it in my mind, however there was a creative block when it came to setting it out on the paper. It could have been the placement of the trees, rule of odds or some such. No matter what the reason, the time it took and the frustration over the creative block worked out in the end.

Shining snowflake patterned paper background with copic coloured birch trees and white winter fox.


  1. What a wonderful card and a delightful post! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has to fight to get the vision in my head to translate properly onto a card! But I'm so glad you endured because this card is STUNNING! I love how you created a whole entire scene here and your coloring and shading is masterful! I also love how you did the background with snowflakes of all different shapes and sizes- it was a very creative deviation from the norm! This turned out beautifully and I'm so glad you shared your talents with us for this week's Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!


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