Saturday 30 September 2017

Halloween Throwback | ft. Mama Elephant "Meowlloween"

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Today I thought I'd do a throwback from last year to a Halloween card that is still one of my favourites. I'm still using this set from Mama Elephant and while I was going through my card stash, I came across this one and I had to share it again.

This card was done using my Distress ink pads as watercolours. It really doesn't seem to matter how many new watercolour palettes I get, I'm most comfortable working with the Distress inks.

For the kitty, I stamped her using and the broom using CTMH Archival Black ink on Strathmore 140lb cold press watercolour paper. I wet each area, dropped the colour in and let the water do the work.

For the background, I just wet the paper and added the colour, let that dry and then did it again. As long as you let the paper dry completely between each layer you can reduce the risk of pilling and damage to the paper. You can speed the process along using your heat tool, but I find that there's a different look if you let it air dry. Needless to say, this can take a lot of patience.

Once each area is dry, you can add additional colour to create finer details. It's a long process but I think it is worth the time.

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