Sunday 1 October 2017

Product Review Series | Daler Rowney Medium Texture Paste

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So last week, I reviewed the Mother of Pearl Structure Gel by Daler Rowney. I liked it so much that I was able to get my hands on the Medium Texture Paste. In many ways these products work the same way.

Typically I work with 110lb Copic-friendly cardstock in white and a portion of this review will be on that paper, but because this paste is white the rest of the review will be on a piece of 65lb Recollections dark green cardstock.

Like the Mother of Pearl Structure gel we talked about last week, this tube is giant. 8.4 US fluid ounces of awesome. And for the same low price of $5.97!! I still can't believe it.


  • Giant squeeze bottle
  • No worries about product drying out
  • No worries about dried product falling in and mixing with the good stuff
  • Clear Bottle - I can see how much is in there

  • Can't put excess back in the tube the way you can with a jar
  • Seems that this only comes in white

This paste spreads like icing. It is amazingly smooth. I wasn't really expecting that because it looks a little cakey - almost like caulking in a tub (I don't know what that stuff is called), the stuff that painters use to fill in the holes in the walls. But it was incredibly smooth and it stayed exactly where I wanted it to.

For this paste, I mixed it with some Distress Ink to see how well it picked up the colour. I smooshed my mini pad of Carved Pumpkin on to my non-stick craft mat and mixed a bit together with my palette knife; as you can see in the picture above it picked up the colour beautifully. I have not yet tried to mix this with other mediums, but I suspect it will work just as nicely.

I generally only use my Distress inks for mixing whether it be the mini pads or directly from the reinkers depending on how concentrated I want the colour. However, when the texture paste is this inexpensive I certainly will not feel bad about experimenting with it.

Finally, I put this through a stencil. Whether coloured or not, this is typically the most common way for me to use texture paste/structure gel on a project. I feel that this product went through incredibly well, it kept the form and didn't slip under at all.

Couple of Observations:

  • Incredibly smooth to spread
  • Dries matte
  • Low odor
  • Super fast drying time - by the time I was done with the stencil example, the first smear test had already dried to the touch
  • Uncoloured product dries slightly transparent when spread thinly over darker cardstock
  • Very inexpensive
Overall, I am beyond pleased with this product. Once my other tubs of matte paste are gone, I won't be replacing them. I'll definitely be switching to this as my go-to for matte embossing paste. Even though I'm not able to return excess to the container, the cost for this is so low that a little waste is not something that will bother me at all.

I'm looking forward to seeing what else Daler Rowney has available that I can use in my work. I'm also very interested to see how well this paste mixes with other mediums. 

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*disclaimer: I am not sent products to review, nor am I paid to review them. I review the products that I use, that I find interesting and that I buy with my own money. I receive no incentive or reward to compare or review products. All reviews are based on my experience with them and are my opinion only.


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